The RIGA database

The RIGA database is composed of a series of constructed variables about rural and urban income generating activities created from the original data sources listed in the table below.

The RIGA database is composed by two subsets, the household-level income aggregate or RIGA-H, and the individual wage employment dataset or RIGA-L. RIGA-H includes a comprehensive measure of household income presenting aggregated and disaggregated data on income from different sources such as crop and livestock production, household enterprises, wage employment, transfers, and non-labour earnings. The RIGA-L database includes only one component of income, wage employment, which can be analyzed at both individual and job levels.

The "Income Aggregate Documentation" (for RIGA-H) and the “RIGA-L Methodology” (for RIGA-L) documents that accompany the surveys describe the approach in constructing the income and employment variables, giving information on the content of the main variables available through the RIGA-H and RIGA-L datasets. The documentation can be downloaded for each survey by clicking on the links in the documentation page. The original data comes from the institutions listed in this table and is not distributed by the RIGA project.

Original data
The original data can be obtained directly from those institutions, from the World Bank's Living Standards Measurement Study , or from RAND (where noted). These institutions have different policies in terms of access to the original data and are not obliged to distribute the data to all users. Users should check directly with the source institutions on possible restrictions to the access to the original data.

As the RIGA database is an FAO initiative, the source data institutions do not approve or disapprove of the constructed variables distributed by our project. All questions about the variables contained in the database should be directed to the FAO RIGA project, and not to the institutions listed below as those institutions do not provide support for data constructed by other projects or organizations.