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The RIGA datasets are available in Stata 10 and comma-separated values (CSV) formats.

Data may be requested by completing the online form or downloading the request form at the end of this page. By clicking Send Request below, the RIGA project will be emailed with your data request. We will then respond to the request to your email address, provided below, with instructions on how to download the data. This may take up to one week.

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If I become aware of errors or inconsistencies, I will provide the RIGA team with a list of such errors.

I will not charge any fee, nor permit anyone in my research group to charge a fee, for the use of the RIGA data. I also agree to notify RIGA (by sending an email to RIGA@fao.org) of any published/unpublished reports or other outputs that result from the use of these data, and to acknowledge the FAO RIGA database in those outputs.

The RIGA project requests that a courtesy copy of any publications resulting from the use of the RIGA database be provided to the RIGA team via email at RIGA@fao.org or in hard copy to:

RIGA Project
Agricultural Development Economics Division
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
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Please send the completed data request and user agreement form to RIGA@fao.org

We will then respond accordingly with instructions for downloading the data.

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