Rural Income Generating Activities: Whatever happened to the institutional vacuum? Evidence from Ghana, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Vietnam

Jul 2009
A. Zezza, G. Carletto, B. Davis, K. Stamoulis and P. Winters.

This is the published article version of an earlier working paper with the same name. The paper assesses the current rural development practice against the main trends in recent rural development thinking, based on evidence from four country case studies. While [...]

Accounting for the diversity of rural income sources in developing countries: The experience of the Rural Income Generating Activities Project

Jun 2009
K. Covarrubias, A.P. de la O Campos, and A. Zezza

The RIGA project of the Food and Agriculture Organization created a growing database of 33 household living standards surveys from which a set of income aggregates and other measures of well-being were constructed in a methodologically consistent manner. Through this [...]

A profile of the rural poor

Apr 2009
A. Valdés, W. Foster, G. Anríquez, C. Azzarri, K. Covarrubias, B. Davis, S. DiGiuseppe, T. Essam, T. Hertz, A.P. de la O, E. Quiñones, K. Stamoulis, P. Winters and A. Zezza

This paper has two main objectives. Firstly, it provides an overview of trends in the magnitude, location and nature of rural poverty, with emphasis on least developed countries. Secondly, it offers new evidence that advances our understanding of rural poverty, by [...]

Wage inequality in international perspective: Effects of location, sector, and gender.

Mar 2009
T. Hertz, P. Winters, A. P. de la O, E. Quiñones, B. Davis, A. Zezza

This paper aims to shed light on a range of issues related to wage inequalities in the developing world. While much of the focus is on the gender dimensions of wage differentials, other aspects will also be discussed. In particular, the [...]

Assets, activities and rural poverty alleviation: evidence from a multicountry analysis

Jan 2009
P. Winters, B. Davis, G. Carletto, K.Covarrubias, K.Stamoulis, E. Quiñones, and A. Zezza

This paper is a shorter, more recent version of an earlier working paper, and uses RIGA data to examine the links between household assets and the economic activities of rural households in order to identify the role of certain assets on [...]

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