A cross country comparison of rural income generating activities

Jan 2009
B. Davis, P. Winters, G. Carletto, K. Covarrubias, E. Quiñones, A. Zezza, K. Stamoulis, and S. Di Giuseppe

This paper is a shorter, more recent version of an earlier working paper, and uses RIGA data to describe participation in and income shares from the different income generating activities across rural households in different developing countries.

The impact of rising food prices on the poor

Aug 2008
A. Zezza, B. Davis, C. Azzarri, K. Covarrubias, L. Tasciotti, and G. Anr¡quez

This paper analyzes the household level impact of a price increase in major tradable staple foods in a cross section of developing countries, using nationally representative household surveys from the RIGA database.

Rural wage employment in developing countries

Aug 2008
P. Winters, A.P. de la O, E. Quiñones, T. Hertz, B. Davis, A Zezza, K. Covarrubias, and K. Stamoulis

Using nationally-representative data from 14 developing countries, this paper explores rural wage employment and its potential as a mechanism for improving the well being of the rural population.

Patterns of rural development: A cross-country comparison using microeconomic data

Aug 2008
P. Winters, T. Essam, B. Davis, A. Zezza, G. Carletto, and K. Stamoulis

This paper proposes a general pattern of rural development in which rises in per capita income are associated with a decline in the importance of agricultural production and a rise in the importance of non-agricultural income sources. Following the approach to [...]

Does urban agriculture enhance dietary diversity? Empirical evidence from a sample of developing countries

Mar 2008
A. Zezza and L. Tasciotti

Report - short version

This paper attempts to fill some of the key research gaps in the literature on Urban Agriculture (UA) using survey data for 15 developing or transition countries. The paper analyzes in a comparative perspective the importance of UA for the poor [...]

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