Rural household access to assets and agrarian institutions: A cross country comparison

Mar 2008
A. Zezza, P. Winters, B. Davis, G. Carletto, K. Covarrubias, E. Quiñones, K. Stamoulis, L. Tasciotti, and S. Di Giuseppe

This is an updated (March 2008), revised version of an earlier working paper with the same title. The paper characterizes household access to assets and agrarian institutions through the comparative analysis of datasets from 15 nationally representative household surveys from four [...]

Rural income generating activities: Whatever happened to the institutional vacuum? Evidence from Ghana, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Vietnam

Nov 2007
A. Zezza, G. Carletto, B. Davis, K. Stamoulis and P. Winters

This paper assesses the current rural development practice against the main trends in recent rural development thinking, based on evidence from four country case studies.

Rural Income Generating Activities Study: Methodological note on the construction of income aggregates

Oct 2007
G. Carletto, K. Covarrubias, B. Davis, M. Krausova and P. Winters

This methodological note describes how comparable income aggregates were constructed from various household surveys from different countries.

Rural income generating activities in developing countries: re-assessing the evidence

Jul 2007
G. Carletto, K. Covarrubias, B. Davis, M. Krausova, K. Stamoulis, P. Winters and A. Zezza

PowerPoint presentation

Preliminary results from the RIGA project.

Rural Income Generating Activities: A cross country comparison

May 2007
B. Davis, P. Winters, G. Carletto, K. Covarrubias, E. Quiñones, A. Zezza, K. Stamoulis, G. Bonomi and S. DiGiuseppe

This paper uses RIGA data to describe participation in and income shares from the different income generating activities across rural households in different developing countries.

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