Second Conference of the World Banana Forum

To read the Final Report of the Conference in Guayaquil, please go to the Conference Documents page.

In February 2012, leaders in the banana sector worldwide and stakeholder's in the banana sector in Ecuador met in the Second Conference of the World Banana Forum (Guayaquil, 28-29 February 2012). Experts from all over the world shared the latest findings on sustainable practices in banana production and trade. To learn more about the discussions and outputs of the Conference, please click here.

In addition, the Conference hosted the global meeting of women banana workers organized by the WBF's working group on Labour Rights (WG03). The event analyzed the situation of women's labour rights in banana production globally. The meeting was open to all women banana workers who shared their experiences and worked together with other women on gender issues in the banana sector. For more information please visit the WG03's page by clicking here

The World Banana Forum (WBF) is the ultimate voice in the banana sector worldwide. This is the only platform that brings together all the stakeholders and leaders in the banana sector –workers and producers, multinationals, retailers, standard-setting bodies, researchers, NGOs, governments and UN agencies– in common pursuit of a more sustainable banana sector.

These are some of the issues we are working on:

  • sustainable production systems and environmental impact;
  • value chain analysis;
  • living wages;
  • freedom of association and collective bargaining;
  • gender equity and health and safety at the workplace.