The World Banana Forum

Working together for Sustainable Banana Production and Trade

The World Banana Forum is a permanent space of assembly for participants representing the global banana supply-chain to promote open dialogue on challenges facing the banana industry.

The mission of the World Banana Forum is to:

  • inspire collaboration between stakeholders that produces pragmatic outcomes for the betterment of the banana industry; and

 achieve an industry-wide consensus of best practices regarding workplace issues, gender equity, environmental impact, sustainable production and economic issues.

This ground-breaking initiative brings together producers, their organizations, trade unions, cooperatives, exporter groups, fresh producing companies, retailers, traders, consumer associations, governments, research institutions, universities and civil society organizations.

The WBF Working Groups focus on the effective implementation of activities related to the Forum’s goals and objectives:

WG01 | Sustainable Production Systems and Environmental Impact
WG01 focus on environmental sustainability

WG02 | Distribution of Value
WG02 focus on economic sustainability

WG03 | Labour Rights
WG03 focus on social sustainability

Click here to download the WBF information note.