Funding the WBF

The World Banana Forum is partly funded by its participants. However, self contributions are far from sufficient to finance its activities.

A few public donors provided its financial support. The Forum is currently looking for partners and donors to support its development.

These funds would allow the Forum to continue and it would support the following activities:

  • elaboration of best practices by the thematic working groups;
  • implementation of pilot projects under the supervision of the related working groups;
  • production, translation, printing and distribution of technical and information materials;
  • participation of non-profit stakeholders from developing countries (e.g. small farmers);
  • coordination of the above activities and dissemination of outputs throughout the banana sector worldwide.

If you wish to obtain detailed information on the work of the WBF and on supporting this initiative, please read our Concept Note and/or contact us by email at wbf@fao.org