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Steering Committee

The process to establish the World Banana Forum (WBF) was led by a group of  representatives from banana grower organizations, exporter associations, multinational and national trading companies, trade unions, supermarket chains, intergovernmental organizations, research institutions and non-governmental organizations. This group formed a Preparatory Committee which made possible the establishment of the WBF by organizing the needed preparatory meetings and the WBF inaugural meeting in December 2009.

The banana stakeholders agreed to nominate a group of representatives which is in charge of coordinating the ongoing work of the World Banana Forum and its Working Groups. This group is the Steering Committee.

Everyone can join the Steering Committe provided that they have sufficient time and willingness to support actively this Forum. The balance between the different groups has been a priority since this group was initially formed.

These are the members of the current Steering Committee:

  • Koronado Apuzen (FARMCOOP)
  • Renwick Rose (WINFA, Association of Caribbean Farmers)
  • Aboubakar Bakayoko (Permanent Representation of Côte d'Ivoire)
  • Gilbert Bermudez (COLSIBA)
  • Eric Crisman (BONITA)
  • Stephen Coats (US LEAP)
  • Iain Farquhar (BANANA LINK)
  • Anne Heurtaux (Ministry of Agriculture France)
  • George Jaksch (CHIQUITA)
  • Eduardo Ledesma (AEBE)
  • Pascal Liu (FAO)
  • Sue Longley (IUF-UITA-IUL)
  • Gianluca Gondolini (FAO)
  • Medi Moungui (Permanent Representation of Cameroon)
  • Iris Munguia (COSIBAH)
  • Bernardo Roehrs (AGROAMERICA)
  • Robert Sabiiti (Permanent Representation of Uganda)
  • Jorge A. Sauma (CORBANA)
  • Alistair Smith (EUROBAN)
  • Will Stephens (TESCO)
  • Jorge Toapanta Vera (Asociación de Bananeros Orenses)
  • Jon Tugwell (FYFFES)
  • Carolina Valarezo (UROCAL)
  • Roberto Vega (DOLE)