What are the Working Groups?

The participants in the first meeting of the World Banana Forum jointly reached a common understanding of the key issues facing the banana sector and prioritized them. During the meeting, five working groups were created to carry out activities to address these issues. This structure has been revised in November 2010 in order to better focus on the three main edges of sustainable development for which three specialized working groups are nowadays in function:

WG01 | Sustainable Production Systems and Environmental Impact
WG01 focus on environmental sustainability

WG02 | Distribution of Value
WG02 focus on economic sustainability

WG03 | Labour Rights
WG03 focus on social sustainability

Please, click here to read the objectives and functioning of the WBF’s working groups.

The communication among these working groups happens mainly by electronic discussions and phone conversations. Additionally some face-to-face meetings are scheduled. Check the calendar section of this website or write to us if you want to be informed about these meetings. 

Every stakeholder of the banana industry can speak in our Forum! If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please send us a motivated email to: wbf@fao.org and we will immediately forward your communication to the relevant coordinators.