Working Group on Labour Rights (WG03)

The Working Group 03 deals with Labour Rights. 

The stakeholders of WG03 met in Guayaquil (Ecuador) in November 2010 and then again in August 2011. The participants jointly agreed on the need to prioritise freedom of association and collective bargaining amongst its core areas of work. Gender equality and discrimination was considered a cross-cuting issue where the WG03 will pay special attention. They have stated that they will work towards the production of the following outputs:

  • A labour rights matrix to analyze the top 20 banana producing countries;
  • Good practice's identification and dissemination;
  • Direction and implementation of several pilot studies.

During 2011 the following issues were approached: 

  • Analysis of the ‘Diagnosis on the labour rights situation in 25 priority banana producing countries’ (based on a previous research by WG03);
  • A proposal for action on Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining;
  • A proposal for action on Gender discrimination in the workplace and on hiring.

On the right column of this page you will find the summary of key decissions taken in the last meeting of the WG03; please read it with attention. 

On February 2012 the WG03 will organize in Ecuador a global meeting of women banana workers; more information is available here. If you want to get involved, please let us know.

Every stakeholder of the banana industry can speak in our Forum! If you are interested to join this group, please send us a motivated email to: and we will immediately forward your communication to the coordinators of this WG.

These are the coordinators of WG03:

  • Martín Cooke (Self)
  • Anna Cooper (BANANA LINK)
  • Wil Flinterman (FLO)
  • Denis Klink (Free University of Berlin)
  • Marco La Touche (CHIQUITA)
  • Iris Munguía (COLSIBA)
  • Rajendra Paratian (UN-ILO)
  • Víctor Quesada (ASEPROLA)
  • Darcie Renn (FAIRFOOD)
  • Javier Villacis (DOLE)
  • Alex Yeboah-Afari (VREL)
  • Maya Albanese (Rainforest Alliance)

WG03 photos

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