Working groups

  • Fighting against Panama Disease, Fusarium-TR4
  • Focusing on the Carbon and Water Footprint study in the banana sector
  • Developing a Best Practices Portal (BPP) for a more sustainable production and trade of bananas
  • Discussing potential solutions and prioritising the most promising options to tackle sustainability issues in banana production

Working group 2


  • Working towards a fair distribution of value along the whole banana chain
  • Mapping the distribution of value in key supply chains (a representative selection of origins and markets)
  • Evaluating prices and costs along the chain
  • Agreeing a practical methodology for approximating living or decent wages at plantation/farm level

Working group 3


  • Banana Occupational Health and Safety Initiative, BOHESI
  • Empowering banana women workers in the plantations
  • Prioritise freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Pay special attention to Gender equality and discrimination issues