FAO in Egypt

Digital Agriculture Extension and Communication Services Project

Rural extension services in Egypt lack effectiveness and access to farmers due to insufficient numbers and low efficiency of agricultural extension agents. The use of appropriate ICT applications and other media can facilitate the flow of information and access to extension services for target audiences. Since FAO is implementing a model for digital agriculture in a number of African countries, and due to Egypt's interest in digital agricultural extension services, FAO was pleased to respond to this desire by the provision of the digital model of agricultural extension to contribute to the current efforts to improve extension services.


Introduction of a model for high quality digital content of rural advisory services through enhancement of the local institutional and technical capacities.

Main Activities

The main activity is the creation of a mobile application in agriculture extension. This application provide digital extension contents on the themes of citrus production, date palm production, household poultry production and healthy nutrition.

Supportive activities:

  • ToT courses for extension agents.
  • Awareness sessions and training of farmers and rural women on how to use FAO mobile application.
  • Production of animation advertisement.
  • Promotional campaign on social media (Facebook).


Rural women, growers of citrus and date, and all members of Egyptian families (children- youth- parents- grandparents).