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Africa Development Indicators Africa Development Indicators (ADI) is a collection of data on Africa from the World Bank. ADI is designed to provide a set of [más...]
Africa-Wide Information Africa-Wide Information, produced by NISC South Africa, combines bibliographic databases from around the world to form a [más...]
AGRICOLA More than 3.7 million citations to agricultural literature compiled by the National Agricultural Library, USDA. Subjects [más...]
non-FAO staff access
AGRIS More than 3 million citations to world-wide literature on all aspects of agriculture. Includes geography, history, legislation, [más...]
non-FAO staff access
AiDA - Accessible Information on Development Activities Full text access to historical and current information on almost 500,000 activities of major international development [más...]
Animal Health and Production Compendium Full text access covering all aspects of animal health and production, including diseases, nutrition, husbandry and [más...]
Aquaculture Compendium The Aquaculture Compendium covers several hundred topics in aquaculture, aquatic health and production, farming systems, seeds, [más...]
Aquatic Commons The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water [más...]
ASFA - Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts Covers the world's literature on the science, technology, management, and conservation of marine, brackish water, and freshwater [más...]
Australian Agriculture and Natural Resources Online AANRO is a knowledge base of bibliographic and research information on Australian agriculture and natural resource management [más...]
Balance of Payments Statistics (IMF) Balance of Payments Statistics summarizes, for a specific period, the economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the [más...]
Bibliothèque pour le Développement 600 Full text publications in French, in the fields of agriculture, construction, cooperation, economics, education, [más...]
BioMed Central Full text access to over 100 open access journals covering all areas of Biology and Medicine.[más...]
CAB Abstracts International bibliographical database with broad coverage of major scientific literature in all aspects of agriculture, [más...]
CAB Abstracts Archive The Archive brings together research from 17 printed abstract journals produced between 1910 and 1971 (the equivalent of 600 [más...]
Note: See also Virtual Library (FAO Intranet). 3 simultaneous users.
CAB Ebooks CAB eBooks provides a unique opportunity to access CABI’s prestigious titles in an easy-to-use format. Books are indexed and [más...]
Chicago Manual of Style Online The Chicago Manual of Style Online offers the complete, full text of the traditional print version of the Chicago Manual of Style [más...]
Collection on Critical Global Issues Full text access to 210 publications (32.000 pages) on Agriculture and Land Management, Development, Environment and [más...]
Comtrade (UN) The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. [más...]
Note: UN Comtrade works best with Internet Explorer Web Browser. In other browsers, some pages might not work properly.
CRIS - Current Research Information System Full text access to USDA documentation and reporting system for ongoing and recently completed research projects in [más...]
Crop Protection Compendium Full text access to all aspects of crop protection: pests, diseases, weeds and their natural enemies, the crops that are [más...]
DAC Evaluation Abstracts Website Abstracts of development project evaluation submitted by international and national development aid agencies. Full-text is often [más...]
Direction of Trade Statistics (IMF) The Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS) presents, for most member countries of the International Monetary Fund (the Fund), [más...]
Directory of Open Access Journals Access to more than 1200 free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals that include almost 60,000 [más...]
East African Development Library Contains 592 full text publications from or about East Africa, giving a wide range of development information for [más...]
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Economist Intelligence Unit provides continuously updated, comprehensive analysis on nearly 200 countries. (Extract from Web [más...]
Note: Licensed for access by FAO staff at HQ and in the Field offices: unlimited concurrent users
EconPapers Full text access to research papers in economics, the world's largest collection of on-line economics working papers, [más...]
Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems UNESCO-EOLSS is an Integrated Compendium of twenty encyclopedias. EOLSS body of knowledge is also made available in the form of [más...]
Note: unlimited concurrent users.
Eric - Education Resources Information Center Produces the world¿s premier database of journal and non-journal education literature. The new ERIC online system, released [más...]
EUR Lex Full text access to the portal to European Union law - covers the Official Journal, treaties, case law and legislation of [más...]
Catálogo de la FAO en-línea FAO Documentation and library collections. Includes coverage of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Rural Development, Plant [más...]
FAO statistical databases Links to AQUASTAT, FAOSTAT (on-line multilingual database currently containing over 1 million time-series records from over 210 [más...]
FAOLEX FAOLEX is a comprehensive online collection of national legislation and international treaties on food, agriculture and renewable [más...]
Fish Base: Global Information System on Fish Full-text Global Information System on fish biology covering 25,000 species, 70,000 synonyms, 100,000 common names, 22,000 [más...]
Fish, Fisheries & Aquatic Biodiversity Worldwide (FFAB) Fish, Fisheries and Aquatic Biodiversity Worldwide (FFAB) is an electronic information resource which is an aggregation of 19 [más...]
Food and Nutrition Library 310 Full text access to publications in the fields of Food and Nutrition, Food Policy, Nutrition Research, including the [más...]
Forestry Compendium Full text access to a comprehensive, worldwide coverage of tropical, subtropical, temporate and boreal species. Contains [más...]
Global Development Finance GDF Online database is the electronic version of the World Bank's statistical directory of developmental country finance, the [más...]
Global Economic Monitor Global Economic Monitor integrates several internal WorldBank products into a single access interface and links to reputable [más...]
Global Trade Atlas (GTA) The FAO subscription to the GTA includes access to the monthly trade statistics of 84 reporting countries for all codes of the [más...]
Note: FAO Staff must access this resource via Secure Access Gateway. http://home.fao.org/
Government Finance Statistics (IMF) The IMF Government Finance Statistics contains statistical data on government financial operations for 145 IMF member countries. [más...]
Handbooks in Economics This series consists of 57 volumes (around 700 articles) covering agricultural economics, computational economics, defense [más...]
Horizon et pleins-textes Scientific output of the "Institut de recherche pour le developpment" (IRD). Over 32,500 full text access to documents - [más...]
Humanity Development Library Full text - 1,230 publications in various areas of human development, from agricultural practice to economic policies, water and [más...]
ICES Council Meeting Documents Online Full text access to the Council Meeting Papers. The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) is the [más...]
International Financial Statistics (IMF) This database is a standard source of international statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance. It reports, [más...]
Note: If you are having problems with the new IMF data statistics platform, you may continue using the old platform for the time being
International Monetary Fund Information Exchange System The extranet used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to share selected Executive Board documents with other international [más...]
Note: Restricted access. Contact fao-library-reference@fao.org to access this database.
ISSN Portal More than 825,000 serials published in 180 countries. It is the prime means of identifying serials (journals, magazines, series [más...]
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) Contains more than 600 indexed periodicals plus books, research reports, and proceedings covering subjects such as [más...]
Medical and Health Library Full text access to 210 publications in the fields of clinical treatment, emergencies, essential drugs, family planning, [más...]
Oceanic Abstracts - CSA Over 220 000 records of world-wide technical literature pertaining to marine and brackish-water environment. Focuses on marine [más...]
Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC International The Official Methods of Analysis is an international source of methods, with many countries and organizations contributing their [más...]
Note: Requires login/Password; Please contact: fao-library-reference@fao.org to obtain credentials. "Permission granted for access to
OLISNET - OECD's OnLine Information Service Provides access to OECD's full text documents, publications and statistics on economic and social sciences. More than 1.500 [más...]
Oxford English Dictionary The OED is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium. It traces the usage of words [más...]
Plant Management Network The Plant Management Network offers an online suite of applied science information, including peer-reviewed journals, field [más...]
Popline (POPulation information onLINE) provides citations with abstracts of the worldwide literature on population, family planning, and [más...]
PubMed Central US National Library of Medicine's free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.[más...]
PUBMED: National Library of Medicine Database Developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Library of Medicine, Pubmed/Medline contains over [más...]
Sahel point Doc 729 Full text documents in French regarding developmental issues in Sahel countries. [más...]
ScienceDirect 2500+ Full text electronic journals covering the physical sciences, applied sciences, life sciences, social sciences, [más...]
Scopus Scopus contains over 15,000 peer-reviewed titles from more than 4,000 international publishers, including coverage of: 500 Open [más...]
Springer E-books SpringerLink is one of the world's leading interactive databases for high-quality STM journals, book series, books, reference [más...]
UN Bibliographic Information System United National Bibliographic Information System - is a catalogue of United Nations documents and publications indexed by the Dag [más...]
UN Common Database Contains selected data series from 30 specialized international sources, including labour, agricultural, nutritional and [más...]
UN Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Presents current monthly economic statistics for most countries and regions of the world. Also contains a monthly selection of [más...]
Documentos oficiales de las Naciones Unidas - SAD ODS covers all types of official United Nations documentation, beginning in 1993. Older UN documents are, however, added to the [más...]
UN Treaty Collection Full text access to over 40,000 treaties and international agreements. Includes the Treaty Series and Texts of recently [más...]
Manual de Estadísticas de la UNCTAD en Línea Contiene una amplia colección de datos estadísticos útiles para el análisis del comercio internacional, las inversiones y el [más...]
WAVES Approximately 8000 records added each year, covering fisheries and aquatic sciences with emphasis on Canadian works and [más...]
World Bank Open Data The World Bank Open Data also known as Data catalog provides download access to over 7,000 indicators from World Bank data sets, [más...]
World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) The World Bank is the largest single source of development knowledge. The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) is The World [más...]
World Development Indicators 575 series for 226 countries and regional groupings. WDI is an enlarged version of the statistical appendix to the World [más...]
World Development Sources Full text access to reports of World Bank-funded projects, in addition to economic and sector papers that provide the [más...]
World Environmental Library Full text access to 400 publications in the fields of Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Environmental Impact [más...]