English Care's Experience with Adoption of a Right-Based Approach: Five Case Studies
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   EnglishSubmitted to CARE USA RBA Initiative
   EnglishIn an effort to broaden its understanding of the implications of Right-Based Approach (RBA) integration in CARE and to foster learning across different parts of the CARE world, CARE¿s Rights/RBA Initiative commissioned the present set of five case studies. The selection includes cases from Uganda, India, Burundi, Vietnam and South Africa. In retrospect, the selection could not have been better suited for CARE¿s internal reflection. The five cases represent a diverse range of contexts and approaches and thus shed light on the creative array of options available for RBA application. Taken together, they reveal the very real differences an explicit focus on rights makes for CARE and its partners at all stages of the program process, providing important insights into the theoretical and practical implications of a rights approach. Importantly, however, they also raise a number of key issues and questions for further consideration.
Author(s)Rand, J.
Publisher if not FAOCARE USA
Type of publicationCase Study
Publication year2002
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Right to food categories Situation analysis
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