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100 Day Plan for Priority Humanitarian Action in the Central African Republic

100 Day Plan for Priority Humanitarian Action in the Central African Republic


2013. The situation in the Central African Republic has moved from a protracted crisis into an acute and complex emergency. Widespread insecurity and conflict have severely and negatively impacted food security and caused a reduction in 2013 crop production: standing crops, stored seeds and productive assets have been lost, leaving the population unable to resume food production.

05 December: The situation deteriorated even more dramatically with the attack on Bangui and the massive violence and displacement that followed.

11 December: UN agencies agreed to take all necessary steps to enhance the response to the crisis in CAR by scaling up their capacities to immediately assist millions in need.

16 December: The 2014 Strategic Response Plan (SRP) for CAR was launched in Geneva. It comprises a common humanitarian action plan to respond to the urgent needs of conflict-affected people. 

24 December: The “100 Day Plan” was launched. It supplements the SRP with a more specific and operational plan, including priority actions to be undertaken from December 2013 to March 2014.


Food security cluster objectives:

  1. Meet emergency food requirement of displaced populations,
  2. Re-engage communities in productive livelihoods and the peace-building process.