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FAOʼs role in the Revised South Sudan Crisis Response Plan (January - June 2014)

FAOʼs role in the Revised South Sudan Crisis Response Plan (January - June 2014)


Before the crisis, South Sudan was already the scene of one of the world’s largest humanitarian operations – responding to structural food insecurity, large refugee populations, intra‐tribal violence, floods, drought and austerity caused by the halt in oil production in 2013.

Despite this, progress was being made and resilience‐building and development were becoming the main focus of the Government and its partners. However, the current crisis has undermined much of the progress – nearly 900 000 South Sudanese have fled their homes in the last six weeks, escaping the violence that broke out in Juba on 15 December and spread across six of South Sudan’s ten states.

The majority of the displaced are living in makeshift camps or among host communities in rural and urban areas, impacting on the coping capacities of these communities. The humanitarian response to the current crisis is hampered by restricted access to affected populations, continued insecurity, looting of pre‐positioned supplies, and the displacement of both civil servants and humanitarian staff. Given the expected lasting effects of the conflict, the Response Plan has been extended to June 2014, with NGOs and UN agencies seeking USD 1.27 billion to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of 3.2 million affected people.