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FAO in the 2021 humanitarian appeals
01/12/2020 - Levels of acute hunger have soared throughout 2020, with the total number of people experiencing crisis or worse levels of acute food insecurity globally expected to far exceed 2019’s already ...READ MORE

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FAO in the 2015 Humanitarian Appeals - Mid-year update
22/06/2015 - In 2015, FAO seeks USD 759 million to assist over 30 million crisis-affected people in 35 countries. FAO in the 2015 Humanitarian Appeals - Mid-year update   Save
FAO’s role in the Mozambique Floods Response and Recovery Proposal 2015
19/02/2015 - FAO is urgently seeking USD 7 million to help flood-affected families in Mozambique who have lost all or part of their crops and livestock to quickly resume food production and ...READ MORE
FAO’s role in the Preliminary Response Plan for Malawi (January 2015)
03/02/2015 - Malawi is regularly hit by natural disasters such as floods and drought – approximately 26 000 people are affected by floods each year. Some 86 percent of the country’s population ...READ MORE
Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in West Africa - FAO’s Regional Response
01/10/2014 - Challenges facing agriculture and food security The Ebola outbreak is proving to have a wide security, economic and livelihood impact on all affected countries and on the West African region as ...READ MORE
FAO’s role in the 2014 Gaza Crisis Appeal (September)
23/09/2014 - Everyone in the Gaza Strip – nearly 1.8 million people – was affected by the recent escalation in conflict and needs humanitarian aid. This is the third such conflict in six years and by far ...READ MORE
FAO component 2014 Appeals - Mid-year overview July 2014
29/07/2014 - In 2014, conflicts, natural disasters and extreme weather patterns continue to undermine food and nutrition security around the world, severely affecting those who rely on farming, fishing and herding for ...READ MORE
FAO’s role in the 2014 Strategic Response Plan for the Democratic Republic of the Congo
07/07/2014 - Despite abundant natural resources, rural communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) face steep hurdles, such as armed violence, civil insecurity, poverty, acute malnutrition, limited access to resources ...READ MORE
FAO’s role in the 2014 Central African Republic Revised Strategic Response Plan
20/06/2014 - In 2013, the situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) moved from a protracted crisis to an acute and complex emergency. Widespread insecurity and conflict severely impacted food security, causing a sharp reduction in crop production; standing crops, ...READ MORE
FAO’s role in the Revised South Sudan Crisis Response Plan (June – December 2014)
18/06/2014 - Before the crisis, South Sudan was already the scene of one of the world’s largest humanitarian operations – responding to structural food insecurity, large refugee populations, intra-tribal violence, floods, drought ...READ MORE
FAO’s role in the 2014 Sudan Strategic Response Plan
18/06/2014 - An estimated 3.3 million people are food insecure in Sudan today. With 80 percent of Sudan’s rural population relying on agriculture for their food and income, the sector plays a ...READ MORE