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COVID-19 1_COVIDfeatured-story.jpg 2020 humanitarian response
17/08/2020 - FAO’s component of the Global Humanitarian Response Plan for COVID-19 The world is standing on the precipice of the greatest food crisis in generations. Worldwide, people and their communities are reeling ...READ MORE

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Burundi regional - Humanitarian Response Plan 2017–2019
08/02/2018 - to assist 77 000 people FAO requires USD 8 million period January – December 2018                                 Political, security and related humanitarian conditions in Burundi aren’t expected to improve and will lead to a continued outflow of Burundian ...READ MORE
Burundi - Humanitarian Response Plan 2018
08/02/2018 - to assist 600 000 people FAO requires USD 7 million period January – December 2018                                 The crisis that has been affecting Burundi since 2015 has worsened the humanitarian situation in the country with large segments of ...READ MORE
Bangladesh - Joint Response Plan for Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis March – December 2018
08/02/2018 - to assist 485 000 people FAO requires USD 9.8 million period March – December 2018                                 Since 25 August 2017, 671 000 Rohingya refugees escaping violence and persecution in Myanmar have settled in camps, settlements and within ...READ MORE
Afghanistan - Revised Humanitarian Response Plan 2018–2021
08/02/2018 - to assist 1 million people FAO requires USD 21 million period January – December 2018                                 Conflict, natural disasters and cross-border movements continue to increase food insecurity in Afghanistan. Unemployment, crop pests and natural hazards, such as ...READ MORE
Kenya Flash Appeal 2017
23/02/2017 - 2.7 million people severely food insecure Northeastern, eastern and coastal areas of Kenya are facing alarming levels of food insecurity and malnutrition as a result of the severe drought affecting the ...READ MORE
FAO in the 2017 humanitarian appeals
19/12/2016 - In 2017, FAO seeks USD 1.05 billion to assist over 40 million people in 41 countries. FAO in the 2017 Humanitarian Appeals
FAO in the 2016 humanitarian appeals
19/01/2016 - In 2016, FAO seeks USD 787 million to assist over 21 million crisis-affected people in 29 countries. FAO in the 2016 Humanitarian Appeals
FAO in the 2016 Sahel humanitarian appeal
19/01/2016 - In the Sahel, conflict, food insecurity, malnutrition, epidemics and natural disasters remain the key drivers of humanitarian needs in the region, with 4.9 million children under the age of five ...READ MORE
FAO in the 2016 humanitarian appeal for the Central African Republic
19/01/2016 - The scale of the crisis in the Central African Republic is unprecedented, with nearly half of the population – 2.3 million people – in need of humanitarian assistance. Insecurity and ...READ MORE
FAO in the 2015 Humanitarian Appeals - Mid-year update
22/06/2015 - In 2015, FAO seeks USD 759 million to assist over 30 million crisis-affected people in 35 countries. FAO in the 2015 Humanitarian Appeals - Mid-year update   Save