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 - Expanding Acute Food and Livelihood Crisis in DRC Preliminary results of the DRC Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) from March 2010 indicate that the food security situation has worsened since 2009 in most parts of the country. Populations in several territories in the Equateur province (northwest) are in Acute Food ...read more
 - Humanitarian Emergency declared in Northern Burundi Humanitarian emergency (Phase 4 according to the food security Integrated Phase Classification - IPC) is declared in Bugabira and Busoni Provinces and parts of Kirundo Commune Northern Burundi. According to a joint mission (Gov, UN, NGOs) carried out on 16-18 February 2010, it is estimated ...read more
 - Somalia remains one of the most challenging and worrying humanitarian crises in the world. Human suffering has soared despite the progress of recovery efforts and the resilience of conflict- and climate-affected populations. CAP 2010 – List of Countries Foreword Afghanistan Central African Republic Chad Democratic Republic of the Congo Kenya Nepal Somalia Sudan Uganda West Africa West Bank and Gaza Strip Yemen Zimbabwe According to the ...read more
 - The intensification of drought conditions throughout 2009 has led to a 170 percent increase in the number of food insecure people in Kenya since the end of 2008. In March, following the Short Rains Assessment, an estimated 3.4 million people were identified as being in need of assistance. CAP 2010 – List of Countries Foreword Afghanistan Central ...read more
 - La République de Djibouti (pays situé dans la Corne de l’Afrique, à l’entrée sud de la Mer Rouge – 23.200 km2 avec 372 km de côtes – 650 000 habitants dont plus de 80% concentrés en milieu urbain avec près de 75% à Djibouti-ville – partageant ses frontières avec l’Erythrée, ...read more
 - The humanitarian crisis in Somalia continues to escalate at an alarming rate, as confirmed by the Food Security Analysis Unit’s survey completed in August 2008. Increasing civil insecurity has intensified human suffering in terms of killings, violence, human rights abuses and population displacement. The number of Somalis currently in need ...read more
 - The contested presidential election in December 2007 fueled ethnic tensions throughout Kenya. Riots displaced half a million people and froze economic activity, access to basic services and the delivery of aid within and across national borders. Victimized on the basis of ethnicity or political affiliation, thousands of households lost their ...read more
 - The Plan of Action (PoA) is a planning tool conceived to concretely and efficiently set a technically appropriate framework for interventions by the Uganda FSAL agencies in Northern Uganda in the 2008/09 period. It is a ‘live’ and dynamic document reflecting the premise, progress, and results of a crisis management ...read more
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