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Sahel crisis

Sahel crisis

Sahel crisis

FAO's lines of intervention in 2014

In order to respond to the urgent needs of farmers, agro-pastoralists and pastoralists affected by repeated crises in the Sahel, FAO seeks USD 115 million in 2014.

FAO’s main areas of intervention in 2014 are:

  1. Collection of data on risks and vulnerabilities, analysis and integration of the results in the humanitarian and development programming
    a. Strengthen needs assessment, monitoring and early warning systems at the local, national and regional levels in a concerted and integrated way
    b. Knowledge, information management and dissemination of good practices in food security, agricultural risk reduction and strengthening resilience
  2. Support to vulnerable populations to better face shocks by responding to early warning signals, reducing the length of post-crisis recovery and reinforcing national actors capacities
    a. Protect and rehabilitate agricultural livelihoods through enhanced access to agricultural inputs for the main season, the off-season and irrigated crops
    b. Protect and rehabilitate pastoralist livelihoods through enhanced access to zoo veterinarian inputs
    c. Improve natural resource management and promotion of smart agriculture techniques to better face climatic shocks
    d. Strengthen contingency plans and crisis preparedness at the regional, national and local levels
  3. Provide a coordinated and integrated life saving assistance to people in emergency situation
    a. Strengthen national and regional institutional capacities for coordination and management of food and agricultural crisis as well as reducing the risks of food and nutrition security
    b. Provision of timely support to restore the livelihoods of farmers and pastoralists after a shock

Urgent support in the coming months will focus on the main agricultural campaign, based on the production of cereals (May-October 2014).

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