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East Africa's locust
 - 20/01/2021 - A locust fighting force assembled by countries in East Africa to combat an invasion of the crop-devouring pest is at risk of seeing its activities grind to a halt as ...read more

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Farmers in central Somalia cope with back-to-back threats: first floods and then desert locusts
 - 18/12/2020 - “My life depends on farming. My resource is farming, and my family sustains itself with what we farm,” says Ali Mahamud Rubaax, a farmer based in Dharkeynley village, Beletweyne district, ...read more
Desert Locust upsurge continues to threaten food security in Horn of Africa and Yemen despite intense efforts
 - 16/12/2020 - A new generation of desert locust swarms is threatening agricultural and pastoral livelihoods and the food security of millions of people in the Horn of Africa and Yemen despite intense ...read more
Cyclone Gati could worsen current desert locust infestations in Somaliland
 - 10/12/2020 - Following the Horn of Africa’s strongest storm ever, resource partners visit ongoing desert locust survey and control operations in affected areas Representatives from the European Union, Germany and Switzerland visited various desert locust affected ...read more
FAO calls for anticipatory action in support of agriculture to give relief and hope to households in crises
 - 08/12/2020 - Timely and robust actions can reduce hunger and human suffering as a result of crises, and that's truer than ever in the wake of the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 ...read more
Additional support from the Netherlands for desert locust ravaged communities
 - 27/11/2020 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) thanks the Netherlands for their additional contribution of EUR 3.5 million to help mitigate impacts on food security and livelihoods ...read more
Somalia fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_IMG_9776_small.jpg FAO and Somalia step up locust fight as hatching and hopper band formation continues in central area
 - 20/11/2020 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned today that large populations of desert locust in Somalia have moved towards southern parts of the country while widespread hatching and ...read more
Locust control campaign covers millions of hectares but the voracious pest is still a threat in East Africa
 - 29/10/2020 - Questions and Answers with Keith Cressman, FAO's Senior Locust Forecasting Officer Why are we seeing a resurgence of Desert Locust in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula?  Well, as we ...read more
Ethiopia fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_Ethiopia_desrt_locust.jpg A new generation of desert locusts; flooding and COVID-19 threaten food security
 - 27/10/2020 - Mohammed Ali, 30, a pastoralist, is visibly tired, but relentlessly searching for pasture for his cattle under scorching sunshine. He leads over 400 head of cattle from Ewa to Asayta ...read more
Somalia fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_IMG_9987.jpg 2.1 million people expected to face acute hunger
 - 15/10/2020 - Despite some improvement in the overall food security and nutrition situation in Somalia, 2.1 million Somalis could face acute hunger in the absence of humanitarian assistance between now and December 2020, ...read more
The Republic of Korea contributes to FAO’s effort in preparing countries of West Africa and the Sahel for potential desert locust invasion from East Africa
 - 16/09/2020 - A USD 1 million  contribution from the Republic of Korea will support efforts undertaken by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on a “no regret” basis ...read more
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