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Immediate assistance to the vulnerable farmers affected by hurricane Ida in Nicaragua

Immediate assistance to the vulnerable farmers affected by hurricane Ida in Nicaragua

Full title of the project:

Immediate assistance to re-establish food production and the livelihoods of the vulnerable farmers affected by hurricane IDA in the communities of the municipality of Rosita, North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN)

Target areas:

Rosita municipality

USD 521 401
Project code:

To restore the livelihoods of families affected by hurricanes Felix and IDA in order to ensure the production of basic grains, roots and tubers for the next planting season.

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Nicaraguan Institute of Agricultural Technology, and the Autonomous Public Agricultural Sector.

Beneficiaries reached:

4 123 heads of families and 65 communities in the Rosita municipality.

Activities implemented:
  • Distributed certified rice seeds (55.2 tonnes), certified bean and maize seeds (55.7 tonnes), cassava cuttings (80 000 cuttings), 350 poultry kits, metal silos and tools.
  • Provided technical assistance and trained beneficiary producers and extension workers.
  • Strengthened 21 seed banks.
  • Produced 10 980 tonnes of food (5 615 tonnes of maize, 3 554 tonnes of rice, 1 275 tonnes of beans and 545 tonnes of roots and tubers) during 2010-2011 by cultivating 5 210 ha during the various planting seasons of 2010-2011.
  • Improved the technical capacity of 4 123 households to produce basic grains and tubers, and diversified the diet of 7 270 families with the inputs received.
  • Strengthened 21 seed banks with a storage capacity of 1 449 tonnes of seeds and grains, increasing the availability of planting material for the next season.