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Reintegration support to ex-combatants in Sudan

Reintegration support to ex-combatants in Sudan

Full title of the project:

Reintegration support to ex-combatants in Kassala State

Target areas:

Eastern Sudan

USD 795 961
Project code:

To provide productive reintegration support to ex-combatants discharged from armed groups in Kassala state, enabling them to pursue safe, peaceful and appropriate livelihood activities within their communities.

Key partners:

Ministries of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Sudan Ministry of Science and Technology, UNDP, National DDR Commission, ERCU, ACORD, SRC, ISRA.

Beneficiaries reached:

856 demobilized ex-combatants from Kassala, Gedarif and Red Sea states.

Activities implemented:
  • Distributed 5 439 goats and sheep to 777 ex-combatants, along with fodder and supplements.
  • Provided animal health services (vaccinations and curative treatments) to all of the distributed animals.
  • Trained 12 community animal health workers (CAHWs) who helped implement the vaccination campaign and veterinary treatments.
  • Through the restocking programme, the average size of household herds has risen from three to ten, excluding the newborn offspring.
  • The training in animal husbandry helped to build the owners’ capacities in animal health and management while the vaccination campaign reduced the rates of mortality and disease outbreak and increased the animals’ production and productivity.
  • Trained CAHWs gave beneficiaries access to local veterinary services and provided a means of reporting to veterinary authorities in case of disease outbreaks.
  • Overall, the project brought the ex-combatants into the production cycle, contributing to increased food security, stability and peace building in the targeted areas.