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Support to small-scale irrigation development in Eritrea

Support to small-scale irrigation development in Eritrea

Full title of the project:

Support to small-scale irrigation development

Target areas:

Maekel and Debub Regions

USD 41 319
Project code:

To improve farmers’ water management capacity and increase economic returns through irrigation farming.

Key partners:

Eritrea’s Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Local Government.

Beneficiaries reached:

815 households (approximately 4 170 people) in three villages in Maekel and Debub Regions.

Activities implemented:
  • The project supported the completion of the small-scale irrigation programme initiated under the European Union Food Facility project.
  • The installation of a sprinkler irrigation system in Tseazega village (25 hectares), and drip irrigation systems in Azayihe village (51.14 hectares) and Onaforo village (31 hectares) respectively was completed.
  • A one-day training on the operation and management of the drip irrigation system was given to members of the Water Users Associations, benefiting 33 and 42 people from Onaforo and Azayihe villages respectively.
  • The irrigation schemes should, in the long run, enable beneficiaries in drought-prone Eritrea to produce a minimum of two crops per year during the dry season for consumption and sale, resulting in improved livelihoods.
  • The increase in the production of vegetable and crops throughout the year should have a positive impact on market prices.