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Regional Emergency Office for Africa’s coordination activities

Regional Emergency Office for Africa’s coordination activities

Full title of the project:

Regional Emergency Office for Africa’s coordination activities

Target areas:

eastern and central Africa

USD 250 000
Project code:

To improve crisis and emergency response preparedness in central and eastern Africa.

Key partners:

FSNWG partners, FEWS NET, Government ministries and UN agencies.

Beneficiaries reached:

Stakeholders involved in food security and humanitarian response at the subnational, national and regional levels in central and eastern Africa.

Activities implemented:
  • Assisted FSNWG in producing monthly updates, maps and presentations on the food security situation in the region.
  • Restructured and systematized the collection of information for the FSNWG regional information system.
  • Carried out training on contingency planning and DRM for 35 government and FAO staff, as well as ten FAO Emergency Coordinators.
  • Provided partners with digital technology for the collection and dissemination of early warning systems information, and held discussions to review its indicators.
  • Assisted FAO-Kenya and Ethiopia on developing Plans of Action (PoAs).
  • Produced a joint road map to improve coordination and partnership with the WFP.
  • Facilitated the exchange of information and multistakeholder analysis on the food security and nutrition situation in central and eastern Africa.
  • Built the capacity of FAO country offices on contingency planning, collecting and disseminating early warning information and the development of PoAs that adopt a DRM approach.
  • Assisted in improving coordinated responses with WFP.
  • Increased the timeliness and quality of emergency response to disasters, crises and threats.