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Immediate support to agriculture for earthquake affected populations in Haiti

Immediate support to agriculture for earthquake affected populations in Haiti

Full title of the project:

Immediate support to urban and peri-urban agriculture for earthquake affected populations

Target areas:

Cité Soleil and Pétion Ville municipalities.

USD 88 612
Project code:

To support the food security of earthquake-affected households by increasing the diversity and availability of quality food, and by creating additional sources of income through urban agriculture.

Key partners:

The Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development, farmer’s organizations, women’s groups as well as national and international NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

Some 784 vulnerable households (3 920 people).

Activities implemented:
  • Procured and distributed 880 transplanting trowels, 880 hand garden trowels, 880 cultivators, 880 sprayers, 880 buckets, 880 caps, 885 watering cans and 653 bags of composts.
  • Procured and distributed 5.04 kg of eggplant seed, 11.99 kg of carrot seed, 6.45 kg of cabbage seed, 5.6 kg of chili seed, 20.66 kg of okra seed, 6.95 kg of onion seed, 6.95 kg of pepper seed, 20.66 kg of Swiss chard seed and 6.95 kg of tomato seed.
  • Trained 7 promoters, one for each camp, on agricultural gardening in urban and peri-urban areas, as well as compost production.
  • Set up demonstration plots to train beneficiaries in agricultural production techniques.
  • Supported beneficiaries in installing micro-gardens in urban and peri-urban settings.
  • Increased the food security of the project beneficiaries through increased, and diversified vegetable production from micro-gardens.
  • Strengthened the capacity and knowledge of beneficiaries on production processes linked to urban and peri-urban agriculture.
  • Improved the nutritional status and income of households.
  • Cultivated 30 to 40 kg of okra, 25 to 40 kg of Swiss chard, 10 to 15 kg of tomato, 10 to 15 kg of pepper, 10 to 15 kg of chili and 8 to 10 kg of onion and carrot.