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Livelihoods support to famine-affected households in Somalia

Livelihoods support to famine-affected households in Somalia

Full title of the project:

Livelihoods support to famine-affected households

Target areas:

southern Somalia

USD 6 400 001
Project code:

To restore the agricultural and livestock production capacity of drought-affected communities in Somalia.

Key partners:

Local and international NGOs, local professional associations (SOWELPA and CERELPA) and the Ministries of Livestock for Puntland and Somaliland.

Beneficiaries reached:

Agricultural input distribution: 12 500 farming households (75 000 people); livestock treatment: 93 201 pastoral households; livestock vaccination: 500 000 pastoralists; and water tanks: 10 000 households.

Activities implemented:
  • Agricultural input distribution: 150 tonnes of maize seed and 50 tonnes of urea provided to 7 500 households.
  • 75 tonnes of sorghum and 50 tonnes of DAP fertilizer provided to 5 000 households.
  • An additional 325 tonnes of urea and 75 tonnes of DAP were procured and are awaiting approval from local authorities for distribution.
  • All households receiving agricultural inputs and 1 250 lead farmers trained in good agricultural practices and the use of the inputs provided.
  • Livestock treatment: 20 million doses of vaccine against peste des petits ruminants (PPR) and 5.5 million doses of vaccine against contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP) procured for vaccination campaign.
  • Over 3 million treatments for common diseases and parasites used to treat an estimated 1 909 465 animals (in collaboration with funding from other donors).
  • 96 collapsible water tanks procured to benefit 10 000 households.
  • As the project ended before the farmers harvested their crops, the expected outputs of the input distribution are: (i) total production of 15 750 tonnes of maize, with an estimated value of USD 8 977 500; and (ii) total production of 4 000 tonnes of sorghum, with an estimated value of USD 2 044 000.
  • A post-distribution assessment is being organized to coincide with the harvest.
  • Livestock assets protected against major drought-related diseases through the treatments provided and vaccination campaign (which will begin before the end of March).