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Sustainable reintegration and improvement of basic food security in southern Sudan

Sustainable reintegration and improvement of basic food security in southern Sudan

Full title of the project:

Support to sustainable reintegration and improvement of basic food security for 100 000 households, including returnees (refugees and IDPs), host communities and other vulnerable resident populations in southern Sudan

Target areas:

Northern Bahr el-Ghazal, Upper Nile, Jonglei, Warrap and Eastern Equatoria

USD 5 100 000
Project code:

To ensure basic food security through the provision of agriculture, livestock and fishery assistance in order to boost food production, save livestock assets and enhance sustainable reintegration of returnees (including refugees and IDPs) along with the host communities, HIV/AIDS-affected persons and vulnerable resident households.

Key partners:

State Ministries of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries and local and international NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

127 200 vulnerable households.

Activities implemented:
  • Distributed 1 300 tonnes of crop seed and 310 000 hand tools to 85 000 beneficiary households, of which 50 000 households also received 2 000 kg of vegetable seed.
  • Provided fishing kits (50 hooks and 2 twine spools) to 8 000 households.
  • Carried out a vaccination campaign for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, haemorrhagic septicaemia, blackquarter, peste des petits ruminants and Newcastle disease on 300 000 livestock. benefiting 25 000 livestock-owning households.
  • Supported dry season vegetable farming by distributing treadle pumps for irrigation.
  • Provided ox-ploughs and trained 5 200 beneficiary households in ox-plough usage.
  • Facilitated meetings and assessments to provide coordination support for the project partners.
  • 77 000 ha of land planted using distributed crop seed, yielding a harvest valued at more than USD 70 000 000 and 2 000 ha of land planted with vegetable seeds, yielding a harvest valued at approximately USD 36 500 000.
  • Supported farming activities for returnees by using ox-plough technology to clear land for cultivation.
  • Improved the nutritional status of beneficiaries by supporting access to healthy animal protein and an increased supply in fish.
  • Enabled beneficiaries to generate surplus income from the sale of livestock and fish.