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Emergency livestock disease surveillance and promoting competitive meat industry in Somalia

Emergency livestock disease surveillance and promoting competitive meat industry in Somalia

Full title of the project:

Emergency livestock disease surveillance and control and promoting competitive meat industry

Target areas:

Somaliland, Puntland and central-south Somalia

USD 900 000
Project code:

To increase livestock production and enhance quality assured standards in targeted slaughterhouses.

Key partners:

The South-West Livestock Professional Association (SOWELPA) and relevant ministries of the Transitional Federal Government and in Somaliland and Puntland.

Beneficiaries reached:

69 674 households under the two project components.

Activities implemented:
  • Result 1: Increased livestock health and production, and thus pastoralist livelihoods, through provision of quality animal health inputs and services
  •  496 164 animals vaccinated against PPR or treated for endemic diseases, exceeding the target by 142 percent.
  •  9 674 pastoral/agropastoral households benefited.
  •  Disease surveillance reports were filed by SOWELPA veterinary teams and monthly reports were produced.
  •  Result 2: Enhanced quality assured systems in selected export slaughterhouses in order to (a) increase their competitiveness in regional markets; and (b) retain their market share
  •  Somaliland: the Meat Inspection and Control Act was translated into Somali and Arabic, proofread, revised and sent to the Council of Ministers for Approval. It is scheduled to be tabled in Parliament.
  •  Puntland: the Act was translated into Somali, proofread and revised by a Technical Committee. The Ministry of Livestock and Animal Husbandry has taken over the process of tabling the Act.
  •  Both Somaliland and Puntland received support in developing a Meat Inspection Code, which has been translated into Somali.
  •  Result 1: Crucial livelihood assets have been protected and there have been no reports of disease outbreaks since the vaccination and treatment campaign.
  •  Result 1: Disease surveillance and reporting will enable rapid and appropriate responses to any outbreaks.
  •  Result 2: The draft Act and Code are already benefitting 60 000 households.