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Coordination of agricultural activities in Ethiopia

Coordination of agricultural activities in Ethiopia

Full title of the project:

Coordination of agricultural activities in Somali National Regional State

Target areas:

Somali National Regional State (SNRS).

USD 309 678
Project code:

To create an environment that reduced the dependency of vulnerable pastoralist and agropastoralist households in SNRS on humanitarian assistance.

Key partners:

UN agencies, local and regional government, NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

Regional government, NGOs and, indirectly, about 2.2 million people.

Activities implemented:
  • Three joint assessments held in three zones of SNRS: Degehabur, Korahe and Warder from 1 June to 28 July 2008.
  • Regular coordination meetings held during which the results of the assessments were shared with the Government and partners.
  • Finding of assessments: despite their importance to livestock production, many of the boreholes were no longer working. Recommendation: rehabilitate 35 boreholes.
  • Finding: chronic lack of rain seriously degraded rangelands and pastoralists’ movements restricted by ongoing insecurity. Recommendation: support efforts to improve movement in the area.
  • Finding: animal health services constrained by insecurity, lack of personnel and transport, and significant information gaps. Recommendation: provide considerable support to veterinary services (public and private) and the community animal health workers system.
  • Finding: the seed and tool stocks of agropastoralists have been severely depleted, seriously constraining crop production. Recommendation: provide seeds and tools, assess the irrigation system and encourage private sector involvement in agricultural input supply.
  • Finding: although regular market data is being collected, there needs to be more coordination and coherence. Recommendation: establish regular monitoring system to track prices and availability of key commodities.