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Emergency Livestock Support Project for Ethiopia

Emergency Livestock Support Project for Ethiopia

Full title of the project:

Emergency Livestock Support Project for Afar Regional State

Target areas:

Afar Regional State

USD 701 508
Project code:

To contribute to improving the livelihoods of pastoralist and agropastoralist households through improved animal health services and improved access to feed and water.

Key partners:

Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Afar Pastoral Agriculture and Rural Development Bureau, and regional organizations.

Beneficiaries reached:

100 000 households.

Activities implemented:
  •  Vaccination of sheep, goats and cattle.
  •  Distribution of multi-nutrient blocks and grass hay bales to small ruminants and cattle.
  •  Rehabilitation of two ponds and four hand-dug wells.
  •  Rehabilitation of 17 ha of irrigated land.
  •  Provision and distribution of cold chain equipment to improve livestock health facilities.
  •  Refresher training for 139 animal health workers.
  •  Training for 155 pastoralists and agropastoralists on water management for irrigation and livestock.
  •  Training on feed resources for 75 development agents and 81 pastoralist and agropastoralists
  •  Multi-nutrient block survival feeding saved the lives of 1 824 sheep and goats, and 1 064 cattle.
  •  The rehabilitation of water points significantly reduced loss of water and labour requirements.
  •  60 percent reduction of peste des petits ruminants in sheep and goats.