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Immediate support to restore agriculture-based livelihoods of affected food-insecure families in Pakistan

Immediate support to restore agriculture-based livelihoods of affected food-insecure families in Pakistan

Full title of the project:

Immediate support to restore food security and agriculture-based livelihoods of affected food-insecure and vulnerable rural families in North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Pakistan

Target areas:

Buner, Dir, Shangla and Swat districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

USD 1 394 700
Project code:

To provide urgent agriculture support to the most vulnerable and food insecure rural families, returning IDPs and those who did not leave, in order to restore household food security and recover their farming-based livelihoods, as well as eventually support rural host families in case of delays in the return programme.

Key partners:

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Provincial Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement Authority and other national and international nongovernment organizations.

Beneficiaries reached:

24 660 households

Activities implemented:
  •  Provided 12 tonnes of lentil seed, 21.9 tonnes of maize seed, 43.8 tonnes of rice seed, 2.9 tonnes of vegetable seeds and 350 tonnes of fertilizer to 6 500 households for the kharif planting season.
  •  Provided 60 tonnes of fodder seed, 320 tonnes of poultry feed and more than 153 000 birds to 6 400 households.
  •  Distributed more than 150 000 fruit plants and 376 000 forest tree seedlings to 3 760 households.
  •  Provided training in plant production techniques, rice/maize/vegetable cultivation and poultry management to 8 000 households.
  •  The seeds distributed under the project were used to cultivate over 3 800 ha of land and produce crops and fodder valued at approximately USD 3 121 460.
  •  The inputs distributed and training provided are expected to make a significant contribution to the food security of the target communities.