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Emergency Agriculture Assistance to Flood Victims in Sri Lanka

Emergency Agriculture Assistance to Flood Victims in Sri Lanka

Full title of the project:

Emergency Agriculture Assistance to Flood Victims in Eastern Sri Lanka

Target areas:

Eastern Province

USD 158 479
Project code:

To improve food security and reduce economic vulnerability and relief dependence of flood victims in Eastern Sri Lanka.

Key partners:

The Department of Agriculture.

Beneficiaries reached:

30 000 households.

Activities implemented:
  • Distributed 30 000 vegetable kits to beneficiary households - 15 000 seed kits consisting of bushtao, bitter gourd, tomato, amaranthus and chilli and 15 000 vegetables seed kits consisting of okra, snake gourd, brinjal, amaranthus and capsicum. Each household received one kit.
  • Monitored the progress of cultivation by conducting regular field visits and provided technical assistance to beneficiaries.
  • A total of 30 000 households received seeds - 21 000 households were able to successfully cultivate home gardens using the seeds distributed under the project, increasing their access to fresh vegetables for household consumption, sale on the market and preservation for future cultivation and 9 000 households have seeds with which they will be able to cultivate vegetable crops in the upcoming Maha season.