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Conservation Agriculture Coordination and Advocacy in Southern Africa

Conservation Agriculture Coordination and Advocacy in Southern Africa

Full title of the project:

Conservation Agriculture Coordination and Advocacy in Southern Africa

Target areas:

Lesotho, Malawi and Swaziland

USD 750 000
Project code:

To increase sustainable food security and household income generation through conservation agriculture (CA).

Key partners:

Ministries of Agriculture, Non-governmental Organizations, CA Regional Working Group.

Beneficiaries reached:

The beneficiaries of the project included the National Conservation Agriculture Task Forces (NCATFs); extension staff trained in CA, monitoring and evaluation, and global information systems; policy and decision makers whose CA knowledge was increased through participation in CA field days and information sharing events; and farming communities which participated in CA demonstration activities.

Activities implemented:
  • Conducted a comprehensive agro-ecology suitability mapping to match CA options with different climatic, soil and socio-economic factors.
  • Analysed and synthesized information on the extension approaches used in scaling up CA in southern Africa.
  • Developed appropriate and enforceable standards and guidelines on CA implementation at country level.
  • Supported the training of 439 government and NGO extension agents.
  • Supported NCATFs to hold frequent coordination and information sharing meetings and conferences on CA.
  • Strengthened the coordination of CA activities at national and regional levels.
  • Developed a framework for integrating CA into national DRR/M policies and programmes.
  • Enhanced stakeholder CA knowledge and skills at national and regional levels.
  • The development of national CA strategies and the integration of CA in education curricula in the target countries created a conducive environment for sustainable uptake of CA.