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Open Projects

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
17/03/2021 Emergency livelihood scale up response for the most vulnerable food-insecure populations South Sudan
South Sudan 2 000 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/SSD/104/CHU
12/03/2021 Emergency livelihood support for improved food production and livelihood asset protection
Somalia 1 438 332 Sweden OSRO/SOM/102/SWE
12/03/2021 2021 Emergency Livelihood Response Programme (ELRP)
South Sudan 1 438 331 Sweden OSRO/SSD/100/SWE
12/03/2021 Support to the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) for Somalia
Somalia 489 057 Sweden OSRO/SOM/103/SWE
12/03/2021 Critical agricultural livelihood support to highly vulnerable conflict and pandemic-affected households
Nigeria 1 093 959 Sweden OSRO/NIR/101/SWE
11/03/2021 Critical gender-sensitive support to vulnerable conflict- and pandemic-affected households in Nigeria
Nigeria 4 407 051 Canada OSRO/NIR/102/CAN
08/03/2021 Enhancing food and nutrition security of locust affected smallholder farmers and control operations
Pakistan 1 352 155 Japan OSRO/PAK/100/JCA
04/03/2021 Socio-economic stabilization and resilience building for vulnerable Bedouin households in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Palestine 975 000 Japan OSRO/GAZ/100/JPN
04/03/2021 Promoting sustainable employment and income generation opportunities for Syrian refugees and host communities
Turkey 375 000 Japan OSRO/TUR/100/JPN
04/03/2021 Emergency support to prevent and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 along the agricultural value chain
Papua New Guinea 1 818 181 Japan OSRO/PNG/100/JPN
04/03/2021 Emergency distribution of animal feeds to the most vulnerable producers in Syria
Syria 1 713 063 Japan OSRO/SYR/100/JPN
04/03/2021 Increase resilience of vulnerable smallholder farming families affected by the economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic
Lebanon 439 863 Japan OSRO/LEB/100/JPN
04/03/2021 Emergency assistance for protecting agriculture-livelihoods and rebuilding near-term resilience of vulnerable and food insecure farming households to shocks including COVID-19
Afghanistan 1 818 181 Japan OSRO/AFG/104/JPN
04/03/2021 Emergency agricultural livelihood assistance to conflict and COVID-19 affected populations in Al Bay
Yemen 2 090 909 Japan OSRO/YEM/100/JPN
04/03/2021 Preventing Risks and Mitigating Impacts of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Smallholders in Northern Lao PDR
Laos 1 700 000 Japan OSRO/LAO/100/JPN
04/03/2021 Support vulnerable communities in Oromia and Somali regions to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19 and desert locusts
Ethiopia 2 500 000 Japan OSRO/ETH/101/JPN
04/03/2021 Maritime security and youth empowerment in Somali fisheries
Somalia 1 000 000 Japan OSRO/SOM/104/JPN
11/02/2021 Emergency assistance in restoring food security and agricultural livelihoods in Typhoon Vamco affected areas
Philippines 182 927 WFP UNJP/PHI/072/WFP
11/02/2021 Preparedness and response to high impact animal health events
Global 475 319 Japan OSRO/GLO/032/JPN
10/02/2021 Emergency agricultural support to flood affected housheolds in Sinnar and North Darfur States
Sudan 240 000 African Development Bank OSRO/SUD/011/AFB
10/02/2021 Support to the Food Security and Livelihood Cluster and Food Security Assessment in Eastern Ukraine
Ukraine 245 000 United States of America OSRO/UKR/100/USA
05/02/2021 Farming and Livelihood support to 1,200 Landless and Most Vulnerable Farmers Rakhine State Myanmar (COVID-19)
Myanmar 249 671 Pooled Fund OSRO/MYA/100/CHA
05/02/2021 Emergency support to reestablish agriculture & fisheries livelihoods of HHs affected by TC Yasa
Fiji 500 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/FIJ/100/CHA
04/02/2021 Mitigating the Effects of Covid-19 to protect food security and livelihoods of vulnerable households
South Sudan 2 260 738 Canada OSRO/SSD/011/CAN
04/02/2021 Enhancing resilience of family farming of native indigenous peasant people with a gender and generational approach for COVID 19 recovery
Bolivia 2 072 343 Canada OSRO/BOL/002/CAN
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