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Open Projects

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
07/06/2018 Risk mapping, monitoring, and early warning for early action for a new threat - Fall armyworm in Africa
Global 1 179 244 Belgium OSRO/GLO/811/BEL
06/06/2018 Projet d'urgence pour répondre à l'insécurité alimentaire des ménages tchadiens vulnérables vivant dans la bande sahélienne
Chad 800 000 CERF OSRO/CHD/804/CHA
06/06/2018 Assistance d'urgence aux pasteurs et agro-pasteurs vulnérables victimes de la crise pastorale au Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso 1 035 022 CERF OSRO/BKF/802/CHA
05/06/2018 Livelihood assistance to conflict-affected population in Taiz and Al Dale’e Governorates through integrated food security and nutrition sensitive support
Yemen 1 960 000 King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre OSRO/YEM/803/KSC
04/06/2018 Emergency support to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable households affected by armed conflict
Democratic Republic of the Congo 500 000 Sweden OSRO/DRC/804/SWE
04/06/2018 Supporting agriculture and livestock livelihoods resilience of vulnerable households including women and youth in the Lake, Kanem and Bahr-El Gazal regions
Chad 2 949 786 Sweden OSRO/CHD/803/SWE
04/06/2018 Support to food security and protection of the livelihoods of vulnerable households in drought-affected areas
Mauritania 1 180 001 Sweden OSRO/MAU/802/SWE
04/06/2018 Strengthening agricultural and livestock productive capacities of vulnerable households affected by the food and pastoral crisis in Mali
Mali 1 180 000 Sweden OSRO/MLI/803/SWE
01/06/2018 Emergency agricultural and livestock assistance to returnees, IDPs and host communities affected by the insurgency in northeastern Nigeria
Nigeria 1 600 000 United States of America OSRO/NIR/806/USA
22/05/2018 Enhance food security conditions of vulnerable communities in northern townships of Rakhine State
Myanmar 495 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/MYA/802/CNA
09/05/2018 Emergency agricultural livelihoods support to the most vulnerable households in Yemen
Yemen 20 565 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/YEM/802/CHA
09/05/2018 Marawi Recovery Project: Recovery assistance to people and families affected by the Marawi conflict in the Philippines
Philippines 766 872 Pooled Fund OSRO/PHI/803/CFS
09/05/2018 Building resilient livelihoods in northeast States of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe through climate change adaptation good practices and services
Nigeria 8 047 005 Norway OSRO/NIR/805/NOR
07/05/2018 Appui en urgence au renforcement de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle et des moyens de subsistance des ménages vulnérables touchés par la crise dans la Nana-Gribizi et la Kémo, en République centrafricaine
Central African Republic 488 639 France OSRO/CAF/802/FRA
01/05/2018 Respuesta rápida a emergencias que afectan la producción agropecuaria y la seguridad alimentaria
Colombia 603 865 European Union OSRO/COL/801/EC
30/04/2018 Assistance d’urgence au renforcement des moyens d’existence et de la sécuritaire alimentaire et nutritionnelle des personnes déplacées internes retournées et relocalisées affectées par la crise en République Centrafricaine
Central African Republic 1 201 778 European Union OSRO/CAF/801/EC
23/04/2018 Support to the Global Food Security Cluster
Global 242 777 Sweden OSRO/GLO/802/SWE
23/04/2018 Improving access to nutritious food and income for vulnerable people in Borno State, Nigeria
Nigeria 388 117 Canada OSRO/NIR/803/CAN
16/04/2018 Restoring livelihood of IDPs, returnees and vulnerable host families in northeastern Nigeria and strengthening food security coordination and analysis
Nigeria 2 857 143 European Union OSRO/NIR/804/EC
16/04/2018 Integrated response to drought-affected communities in Kassala for improving the nutrition status through restoring and sustaining food and nutrition security
Sudan 621 117 European Union OSRO/SUD/803/EC
12/04/2018 Rapid response for severely food insecure drought-affected rural populations in northern Somalia
Somalia 3 016 164 Pooled Fund OSRO/SOM/810/CHA
11/04/2018 Assistance d'urgence à la sécurisation des moyens d'existence des éleveurs vulnérables affectés par la crise pastorale au Sénégal
Senegal 400 000 Belgium OSRO/SEN/801/BEL
05/04/2018 Emergency assistance for the mitigation of the impact of drought on the livelihoods of herders in Cabo Verde
Cape Verde 50 000 United States of America OSRO/CVI/804/USA
01/04/2018 Sustained cash assistance to prevent famine and respond to drought in rural Somalia
Somalia 25 000 000 United States of America OSRO/SOM/809/USA
29/03/2018 Addressing urgent needs of vulnerable women and men herders in the West Bank and Gaza Strip through emergency interventions and strengthened food security coordination
West Bank & Gaza Strip 1 957 634 Canada OSRO/GAZ/801/CAN