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Open Projects

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
24/12/2018 Building Resilience of Smallholders by Increasing Small Grains Production and Productivity in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 329 610 Pooled Fund OSRO/ZIM/803/WFP
24/12/2018 Support vulnerable farmers through agricultural inputs & CFW
Iraq 2 000 268 Pooled Fund OSRO/IRQ/803/CHA
21/12/2018 Amélioration de la résilience de 4 500 ménages affectés par les conflits interethnique et ceux se trouvant dans les zones de santé affectées par la maladie d'Ebola
Democratic Republic of the Congo 561 798 Ireland OSRO/DRC/807/IRE
21/12/2018 Supporting household resilience of Lake Chad Basin communities affected by the Boko Haram insurgency in Cameroon
Cameroon 569 998 Ireland OSRO/CMR/803/IRE
21/12/2018 Sustainable Revitalization of Agricultural Systems in Kanem Oases in Chad
Chad 570 003 Ireland OSRO/CHD/806/IRE
21/12/2018 Fast Tracking Fall Armyworm Management and Response
Subregional Office for Eastern Africa 505 909 Ireland OSRO/SFE/802/IRE
21/12/2018 Emergency support to improve surveillance and control of ASF in West and Central Africa
Regional Africa 338 220 Ireland OSRO/RAF/803/IRE
21/12/2018 Mitigating the Risk of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) Emergence and Impacts in East Africa
Kenya - Tanzania - Uganda 228 310 Ireland OSRO/RAF/804/IRE
19/12/2018 Protect agricultural livelihoods and strengthen resilience of conflict-affected households in Aleppo
Syria 3 000 000 Russian Federation OSRO/SYR/803/RUS
18/12/2018 Livelihood support to smallholder farmers of Northern Red Sea Region in boosting their productivity
Eritrea 575 641 Italy OSRO/ERI/802/ITA
17/12/2018 Emergency agriculture assistance to drought-affected vulnerable farmers in Afghanistan
Afghanistan 1 000 000 South Korea OSRO/AFG/810/ROK
14/12/2018 Building Resilience In Middle Shabelle (BRIMS)
Somalia 3 309 067 Sweden OSRO/SOM/818/SWE
13/12/2018 Appui à la gestion des risques liés à la dégradation environnementale dans les zones à risque de radicalisation et de conflits potentiels
Guinea 339 725 UN Peacebuilding Fund UNJP/GUI/023/PBF
12/12/2018 Sustaining peace and improving social cohesion through the promotion of rural employment in Liberia
Liberia 760 042 UN Peacebuilding Fund UNJP/LIR/026/PBF
12/12/2018 Programme for Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) - Phase VI
Somalia 3 412 969 Italy OSRO/SOM/816/ITA
06/12/2018 Prévenir les conflits intercommunautaires et contribuer à la consolidation de la paix (Niger-Tchad)
Niger 1 500 000 UN Peacebuilding Fund UNJP/NER/062/PBF
06/12/2018 Aide alimentaire d`urgence aux populations vulnérables de Ségou et Mopti
Mali 58 480 France OSRO/MLI/806/FRA
06/12/2018 Somalia Information and Resilience Building Action
Somalia 800 000 Switzerland OSRO/SOM/815/SWI
05/12/2018 Iraq Value Chain Assessment
Iraq 172 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/IRQ/802/WFP
03/12/2018 Early Action for rice farmers in selected vulnerable areas of Mindanao against El Niño
Philippines 400 000 Belgium OSRO/PHI/806/BEL
03/12/2018 Prévenir les conflits intercommunautaires et contribuer à la consolidation de la paix à travers le développment d`un pastoralisme résilient dans la zone transfrontalière de Diffa et du Kanem (Niger/Tchad)
Chad 875 000 UN Peacebuilding Fund UNJP/CHD/048/PBF
03/12/2018 Emergency livelihoods support to farmers in Afghanistan
Afghanistan 4 400 001 Sweden OSRO/AFG/808/SWE
29/11/2018 Newcastle Disease Vaccination for Protection of Smallholder Chicken Flocks in NW-Syria
Syria 295 859 CERF OSRO/SYR/812/CHA
28/11/2018 SAFE PLUS: Strengthening of Market Linkages and Technical Capacity for Agricultural Groups to promote income generation in Cox`s Bazar
Bangladesh 5 378 075 The Netherlands OSRO/BGD/802/NET
27/11/2018 Integrated Approach to Building Peace in Nigeria's Farmer-Herder Crisis
Nigeria 692 891 UN Peacebuilding Fund UNJP/NIR/069/PBF