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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
23/07/2020 Protecting lives and livelihoods impacted by Desert Locust in rural Somalia
Somalia 3 532 009 European Union OSRO/SOM/009/EC
08/07/2020 South Sudan | Emergency livelihood response to the Desert Locust infestation
South Sudan 1 085 776 European Union OSRO/SSD/008/EC
08/07/2020 The Sudan | Emergency response to mitigate the impact of Desert Locust infestation on food security and livelihoods
Sudan 982 533 European Union OSRO/SUD/007/EC
15/05/2020 Restoring the livelihoods of IDPs, returnees and vulnerable host families in northeastern Nigeria and strengthening food security coordination and analysis
Nigeria 1 411 509 European Union OSRO/NIR/003/EC
06/03/2020 Assistance d’urgence pour le renforcement des capacités de la production alimentaire et de la résilience des populations vulnérables affectées par les conflits en République Centrafricaine
Central African Republic 3 125 000 European Union OSRO/CAF/003/EC
27/02/2020 Emergency response to safeguard livelihoods from Desert Locust infestation
Global 1 102 536 European Union OSRO/GLO/005/EC
12/08/2019 Strengthening local capacities to build resilience through emergency assistance for livelihoods, food security, nutrition, water and protectionwith vulnerable population groups in Colombia and Venezuela
Regional Latin America 2 013 422 European Union OSRO/RLA/902/EC
09/08/2019 Emergency Livestock Response to Drought Affected Pastoral and Agro-Pastoral Communities in Ethiopia
Ethiopia 2 229 655 European Union OSRO/ETH/902/EC
18/07/2019 Scaling up FbF/EWEA and SRSP for disaster resilience in ASEAN
Regional Asia and Pacific 2 197 803 European Union OSRO/RAS/901/EC
02/07/2019 Strengthening of comprehensive and multisectoral risk management in the Bolivian Altiplano and Colombia
Regional Latin America 1 560 759 European Union OSRO/RLA/901/EC
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