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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
21/02/2019 Support to rural returnees through CFW to rehabilitate agricultural assets & replace agri equipment in Iraq
Iraq 500 000 Sweden OSRO/IRQ/903/SWE
08/01/2019 Support to the rehabilitation of solar ground water irrigation pumping systems in the regained areas in Iraq
Iraq 625 000 Japan OSRO/IRQ/901/JPN
24/12/2018 Support vulnerable farmers through agricultural inputs & CFW
Iraq 2 000 268 Pooled Fund OSRO/IRQ/803/CHA
05/12/2018 Iraq Value Chain Assessment
Iraq 172 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/IRQ/802/WFP
25/05/2017 Support to small herders and vulnerable IDPs by safeguarding animal survival, health and production in Iraq
Iraq 2 005 678 Pooled Fund OSRO/IRQ/701/CHA
26/05/2016 Supporting Iraqi returnees in the newly liberated areas of Nineveh governorate through Cash-for-Work
Iraq 400 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/IRQ/601/CHA
26/03/2016 Repair and provide spare parts for Al Jazeera irrigation system-suspended canals and traveling irrigation through cash-for-work in Iraq
Iraq 1 547 845 UNDP IRQ/16/001//01/34
05/11/2015 Increase food availability of conflict-affected polulation in liberated areas of Ninewah - Iraq
Iraq 521 777 UNDP IRQ/15/001//01/34
05/11/2015 Improve food security and livelihoods through emergency support to vegetable growing farmers in Iraq
Iraq 566 860 Pooled Fund OSRO/IRQ/502/CHA
01/04/2015 Emergency supplementary feeding of productive animals to ensure their survival
Iraq 1 099 924 Pooled Fund OSRO/IRQ/501/CHA
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