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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
22/12/2020 Strengthen Capacity to Control African Swine Fever and other high impact TADs in Asia
Regional Asia and Pacific 3 763 147 South Korea OSRO/RAS/001/ROK
03/07/2020 Technical assistance for animal health systems to minimize the impacts of antimicrobial resistance in Asia
Regional Asia and Pacific 1 450 000 United States of America OSRO/RAS/003/USA
03/10/2019 Strengthening Field Capacities for ASF Detection and Emergency Response
Regional Asia and Pacific 875 000 United States of America OSRO/RAS/903/USA
05/09/2019 Livestock emergency preparedness and response for areas at high risk of volcanic eruptions
Regional Asia and Pacific 600 000 United States of America OSRO/RAS/902/USA
18/07/2019 Scaling up FbF/EWEA and SRSP for disaster resilience in ASEAN
Regional Asia and Pacific 2 197 803 European Union OSRO/RAS/901/EC
25/07/2017 Strengthen capacity of AMS to develop social protection systems for resilience
Regional Asia and Pacific 824 993 European Union OSRO/RAS/701/EC
30/09/2016 Evidence based Risk Management along the Livestock Production and Market Chain
Regional Asia and Pacific 2 234 880 United States of America OSRO/RAS/606/USA
07/12/2015 Strengthening International Responses to Transboundary Animal Diseases
Global - Regional Asia and Pacific 2 491 960 Japan OSRO/GLO/502/JPN
20/10/2015 Addressing antimicrobial usage in Asia’s livestock, aquaculture and crop production systems
Indonesia - Regional Asia and Pacific - Thailand - Vietnam 2 000 000 United States of America OSRO/RAS/502/USA
20/03/2015 Enhanced national and local capacity for integrating disatser risk reduction (DRR) in agriculture in national services and community practices in high-risk Pacific Island Countries (PICs)
Regional Asia and Pacific 650 056 European Union OSRO/RAS/501/EC
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