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Appui à la réinsertion des retournés de République Centrafricaine (RCA) et soutien aux communautés hôtes au Tchad-VOLET FAO
23/12/2016 - Identifier les moyens nécessaires pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et les moyens d’existence des ménages vulnérables (retournés et communautés hôtes) ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/CHD/501/EC
Donor: European Union
Recipient Country: Chad
Contribution: USD 742 337

Latest Project Highlights

Addressing HIV and gender inequities through food security and nutrition response in Eastern and Central Africa
17/12/2013 - To mitigate the impact of HIV, conflict and gender inequities on the population of humanitarian ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/010/SWE
Donor: Sweden
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Conservation Agriculture Coordination and Advocacy in Southern Africa
17/12/2013 - To increase sustainable food security and household income generation through conservation agriculture (CA).
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/205/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Coordination of food and agricultural emergency preparedness, prevention and risk mitigation, emergency response and the transition to development in Southern Africa
12/12/2013 - To reduce vulnerability and risk to food insecurity by building strong and resilient livelihoods among ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/204/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Eastern and Central Africa: Subregional Emergency Office for Eastern and Central Africa (REOA) coordination activities
11/12/2013 - To support the monitoring of food security conditions in the region; promote efforts to use ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/210/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Renforcement des moyens d’existence et de la sécurité alimentaire des rapatriés et des déplacés internes dans les zones urbaines au Soudan du Sud
03/12/2013 - Accroître les revenus et la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle des ménages urbains actifs à faibles ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/SSD/101/BEL
Donor: Belgium
Recipient Country: South Sudan
Assistance d’urgence aux communautés les plus touchées par les inondations de 2012 dans la région de Loreto en Perú
02/12/2013 - Contribuer au renforcement de la résilience des communautés les plus vulnérables de la région de ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/PER/203/BEL
Donor: Belgium
Recipient Country: Peru
Vaccine Efficacy for the Control of Avian Influenza in Egypt
20/11/2013 - To assist the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt in its efforts to control ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/EGY/801/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Egypt
Construcción de embarcaciones para la rehabilitación del sector pesquero artesanal en Perú – fase II
13/11/2013 - Construcción de embarcaciones de 32 pies (9.32 m.) tipo San Andrés que cumplan con las ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/PER/101/SPA
Donor: Spain
Recipient Country: Peru
Aide d
08/11/2013 - Contribuer à protéger les moyens de subsistance des agriculteurs les plus vulnérables touchés par les ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/LAO/101/BEL
Donor: Belgium
Recipient Country: Laos
Urgent assistance to improve the food security situation of households affected by the 2011 food crisis in the Niger
08/11/2013 - To contribute to the food and nutrition security of vulnerable populations in agropastoral areas of ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/NER/201/FIN
Donor: Finland
Recipient Country: Niger