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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
08/05/2015 Nepal - Earthquake Flash Appeal 2015
Nepal 300 000 Belgium OSRO/NEP/501/BEL
28/04/2015 Emergency support to low resilience and food insecure urban and peri-urban livelihoods in the Gaza Strip
West Bank & Gaza Strip 400 000 Belgium OSRO/GAZ/501/BEL
31/03/2015 Emergency support to re-establish food security in communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Pam
Vanuatu 330 000 Belgium OSRO/VAN/501/BEL
22/03/2015 Assistance d'urgence pour la relance des activités productives des ménages affectés par l'éruption du Volcan Fogo
Cape Verde 210 000 Belgium OSRO/CVI/501/BEL
06/02/2015 Emergency Support to the 2014/2015 Locust Campaign in Madagascar
Madagascar 620 000 Belgium OSRO/MAG/501/BEL
12/12/2014 Rapid emergency response to Cassava Brown Streak disease outbreak in Rwanda
Rwanda 250 000 Belgium OSRO/RWA/401/BEL
11/12/2014 Improving vulnerable households' food and nutrition security status in Sa'ada Governorate
Yemen 500 000 Belgium OSRO/YEM/405/BEL
05/12/2014 Consolidation des acquis des phases antérieures du P4P au Katanga et en République démocratique du Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2 439 024 Belgium OSRO/DRC/404/BEL
29/07/2014 (SFERA) Emergency support to protect the livestock affected by the North Waziristan crisis in Pakistan
Pakistan 300 000 Belgium OSRO/PAK/403/BEL
22/07/2014 Emergency animal health support for small scale livestock holders affected by the floods in Serbia
Serbia 100 000 Belgium OSRO/SRB/404/BEL
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