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Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
23/12/2016 Appui à la réinsertion des retournés de République Centrafricaine (RCA) et soutien aux communautés hôtes au Tchad-VOLET FAO
Chad 742 337 European Union OSRO/CHD/501/EC
27/10/2016 Support livestock-based livelihoods of the vulnerable population in the occupied Palestinian territory
West Bank & Gaza Strip 3 782 400 European Union OSRO/GAZ/201/EC
04/05/2016 Improvement of regional capacities for the prevention, control and eradication of HPED including HPAI in ASEAN and SAARC countries
Regional Asia and Pacific 10 561 677 European Union OSRO/RAS/901/EC
16/03/2016 Enhanced food security and nutrition through conservation agriculture and double cropping in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Democratic People's Republic of Korea 1 894 377 European Union OSRO/DRK/106/EC
01/03/2016 Support for achieving sustainable livelihoods through agricultural cost-shared investments in Georgia
Georgia 2 636 906 European Union OSRO/GEO/101/EC
21/01/2016 Programme LRRD d'appui à la viabilisation des villages ruraux intégrés au Burundi
Burundi 2 725 999 European Union OSRO/BDI/005/EC
06/07/2015 Irrigation consolidation and development of better farming systems in the Dur Dur Watershed, Awdal Region, Somaliland – Phase II
Somalia 3 146 231 European Union OSRO/SOM/108/EC
31/03/2015 Regional initiative in support of vulnerable pastoralists and agropastoralists in the Horn of Africa
Regional Africa 5 896 995 European Union OSRO/RAF/011/EC
01/12/2014 Appui à la sécurité alimentaire des ménages agricoles affectés par la crise postélectorale en Côte d’Ivoire par le soutien aux systèmes communautaires de production de semences vivrières
Côte d'Ivoire 1 064 947 European Union OSRO/IVC/105/EC
07/11/2014 Improved and enhanced livelihoods, food, nutrition and income security of vulnerable and emerging smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 7 298 095 European Union OSRO/ZIM/201/EC
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