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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
17/09/2015 Integrated Food Security and Livelihoods Project (IFSLP) in Eastern Sudan
Sudan 265 000 Italy OSRO/SUD/506/ITA
31/07/2015 Emergency agricultural input support to vulnerable farmers affected by the crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic
Syria 635,324 Italy OSRO/SYR/504/ITA
01/07/2015 Support to resilience and social cohesion of vulnerable households affected by the crisis in Bangui
Central African Republic 522,486 Italy OSRO/CAF/509/ITA
18/12/2014 Building household resilience through promoting adapted production technologies in livelihoods and natural resources management in Sudan
Sudan 609 756 Italy OSRO/SUD/414/ITA
05/12/2014 Strengthening local resilience to food insecurity to develop a national early warning system for vulnerable rural families in Bolivia
Bolivia 1 219 511 Italy OSRO/BOL/501/ITA
07/10/2014 Emergency Support to Staple Crops Production in the Syrian Arab Republic
Syria 635 324 Italy OSRO/SYR/404/ITA
14/04/2014 Fortalecimiento de la resiliencia de pequeños Productores de café afectados por la Roya del Cafeto (Hemileia vastatrix) en Guatemala
Guatemala 200 000 Italy OSRO/GUA/401/ITA
27/11/2013 Emergency response to restore the rural livelihoods of farmers affected by Typhoon Haiyan in Regions VI
Philippines 402 146 Italy OSRO/PHI/307/ITA
22/10/2013 Appui à la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle des populations rurales vulnérables, en particulier les femmes en RCA
Central African Republic 678 426 Italy OSRO/CAF/304/ITA
07/10/2013 Emergency Support to the Locust Campaign 2013/2014 in response to the locust plague in Madagascar
Madagascar 530 504 Italy OSRO/MAG/317/ITA
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