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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
24/07/2013 Strengthen resilience, community-based protection and conflict prevention capacities in Côte d`Ivoire and Liberia
Regional Africa 1 555 581 European Union OSRO/RAF/310/EC
22/05/2013 Programme de renforcement de la résilience des ménages vulnérables en l'Afrique régional
Regional Africa 2 554 487 European Union OSRO/RAF/309/EC
20/05/2013 Strengthening resilience of vulnerable herders in Regional Africa
Regional Africa 957 887 Finland OSRO/RAF/306/FIN
19/03/2013 Supporting smallholder farmers to better manage climate-related risks to crop production and post harvest handling in Regional Africa
Regional Africa 2 840 021 European Union OSRO/RAF/220/EC
1 2