Project Highlights

Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
19/10/2011 Rapid restoration of agriculture-based livelihoods in Pakistan
Pakistan 1 233 045 Belgium OSRO/PAK/001/BEL
19/10/2011 Emergency Agriculture Assistance to Flood Victims in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka 158 479 United Kingdom OSRO/SRL/107/UK
13/10/2011 Immediate help to most vulnerable families affected by the drought in Guatemala
Guatemala 301 887 Italy OSRO/GUA/801/ITA
03/10/2011 Emergency response to support rainfed farmers and herders affected by the drought and crop failure in the Syrian Arab Republic
Syria 692 004 Spain OSRO/SYR/001/SPA
27/09/2011 Immediate Restoration of Food Security in Flood-affected Philippines
Philippines 857 740 Spain OSRO/PHI/902/SPA
26/09/2011 Comprehensive support to improve the productive agricultural livelihoods and income security of displaced and returning communities in Uganda
Uganda 275 845 Switzerland OSRO/UGA/806/SWI
22/09/2011 Rehabilitation of the 2006/2007 natural disasters and preparedness for future events in Bolivia
Bolivia 1 064 342 Italy OSRO/BOL/703/ITA
15/09/2011 Assistance technique dans l’approche Livestock Farmer Field Schools dans Burundi
Burundi 278 578 IFAD OSRO/BDI/806/IFA
09/09/2011 Emergency support to vulnerable, food insecure farming families affected by high food prices and drought in Afghanistan
Afghanistan 3 000 000 CERF OSRO/AFG/001/CHA
09/09/2011 Emergency assistance to support the livestock-based livelihood system of the most vulnerable herder families in Mongolia
Mongolia 287 449 Austria OSRO/MON/001/AUS