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Emergency livelihood support to drought-affected communities in Mali and coordination capacity in response to the Sahel crisis
21/02/2014 - To increase access to food and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable households in order to reduce the effects of the more
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Mali
Renforcement des moyens de résilience des ménages vulnérables au Mali
27/06/2013 - Accroître la résilience des populations face aux aléas climatiques à travers un soutien direct aux producteurs maraîchers afin qu’ils disposent more
Donor: Belgium
Recipient Country: Mali
Assistance d’urgence à la lutte contre le criquet pèlerin et à la réhabilitation agricole paysanne dans Mali
04/05/2011 - Contribute to improve the food security of the most affected populations by the desert locust.
Donor: Italy
Recipient Country: Mali