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FAO provides emergency livestock response for drought-affected communities in Ethiopia
 - 18/09/2019 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is providing immediate livestock protection to drought-affected pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Ethiopia. Funded by the United Nations Central Emergency Response ...read more

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Family recovering after drought in Lesotho
 - 06/12/2007 - In 2006/2007, Lesotho faced the worst drought in 30 years. In this country, where over 80 percent of the people depend on agriculture for food as well as money to ...read more
Wheat production in Union Council Komi Kot
 - 04/12/2007 - Union Council Komi Kot is located at a distance of 35 Km from Muzaffarabad in Pakistan. The UC is rainfed with 7 villages. FAO’s input package for Rabi season has benefited ...read more
Farm schools for vulnerable rural youth on the rise in Africa
 - 28/11/2007 - New manual published by FAO and the World Food Programme - Farm schools for vulnerable children affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic are playing an increasingly important role in sub-Saharan Africa, ...read more
Bangladesh: agricultural sector devastated in cyclone-hit areas
 - 23/11/2007 - The agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors in southern Bangladesh have suffered enormous losses and large-scale assistance is urgently needed to address the damage caused by Cyclone Sidr, FAO said today. The ...read more
Drought and HIV/AIDS: a double fight in Lesotho
 - 15/11/2007 - Lesotho faced in 2006/2007 the worst drought in 30 years. As a consequence, most people failed to harvest anything from their fields. In addition to drought, Lesotho has a huge ...read more
FAO rural markets offer hope to farmers in drought-stricken Lesotho
 - 19/10/2007 - Julius Ncheche has seen many things in his 68 years, but he can’t remember such a terrible drought as the one which blighted Lesotho’s most recent harvest. The drought was ...read more
American Red Cross and FAO team up to restore fisheries and aquaculture in tsunami-affected communities
 - 10/05/2007 - The American Red Cross and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have announced the launch of a new partnership to support the recovery of fishing communities ...read more
Inferior boatbuilding undermines tsunami recovery
 - 28/03/2006 - FAO today again urged authorities in tsunami-affected countries to redouble their efforts to ensure that fishing boats built to replace those destroyed during the 2004 disaster meet minimum safety standards. ...read more
Many areas in Aceh still critical as tsunami anniversary approaches
 - 15/12/2005 - With the first anniversary of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami fast approaching, FAO warned today that many areas on the west coast of Aceh, Indonesia, were still in a critical ...read more
Mission to Yemen reveals extent of tsunami damage
 - 10/08/2005 - Fishing communities in Yemen were much more seriously affected by the December 2004 tsunami than had been originally thought, with damages totalling around US$2.2 million and 2 000 families affected, ...read more