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Two years on – FAO’s support to small-scale farmers in northeastern Nigeria is saving livelihoods
 - 22/08/2019 - A decade of conflict has severely affected food production systems in northeastern Nigeria, with the worst affected states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe experiencing high displacement, enormous human, social and economic ...read more

Latest Stories

Tsunami: Losses in fisheries and aquaculture climb to $520 million
 - 17/02/2005 - Updated damage assessments are shedding new light on the scope of material losses suffered by fisherfolk in southern Asia as a result of the December 2004 tsunami - and the ...read more
Donors commit around US$20.5 million in response to tsunami appeal
 - 16/02/2005 - With the tsunami relief effort now in its second month, FAO announced today that it has received firm donor commitments of around US$20.5 million to finance early recovery assistance for ...read more
Sri Lankan fisher folk receive first donation
 - 03/02/2005 - The first of a US$380 000 consignment of boat repair kits to help restore the livelihoods of thousands of Sri Lankan fishermen was handed over to the country's fisheries minister Chandrasena ...read more
Atlas on tsunami damaged areas in Asia
 - 24/01/2005 - An FAO-produced Atlas on areas affected by the 26 December 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia has proven to be very useful to FAO teams and to Italian and other European ...read more
Rehabilitation of tsunami affected mangroves needed
 - 19/01/2005 - Rehabilitation of severely affected mangroves would help speed up the recovery process from the tsunami, but large-scale planting should be undertaken with caution, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) ...read more
Rumours of unsafe fish in tsunami zone unfounded
 - 14/01/2005 - There is no evidence that fish- and seafood-borne illnesses have increased in Asian countries hit by the tsunami, according to a new FAO assessment. Rumours that it is dangerous to eat ...read more
Tsunamis destroyed tens of thousands of fishing boats
 - 13/01/2005 - The tsunami waves have had a devastating impact on the fisheries sector in many countries of the Indian Ocean, FAO said today. In Sri Lanka, more than 7 500 fishers have been ...read more
Tsunami affected countries face severe local food security problems
 - 11/01/2005 - Local communities severely hit by the tsunami disaster will face severe food security problems in the short and long term because parents and relatives have been lost, livelihood assets have ...read more
FAO calls for $26 million to help tsunami victims
 - 06/01/2005 - FAO today launched an urgent appeal for $26 million for farmers and fisher folk hit by the South Asian tsunami disaster, the agency said on the occasion of the international ...read more
FAO assessing damage in countries devastated by tsunamis in South Asia
 - 29/12/2004 - FAO is conducting damage assessment missions in each of the countries affected by Sunday's devastating tsunami in South Asia to assess the impact on the agriculture and fisheries sectors and provide ...read more
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